BREAKINGšŸšØ: Jupiter is now at its closest to Earth since 1963, and it won't be this close for another 107 years

Since Jupiter won't come this near to the Sun again for 107 years, this is a cosmic event that cannot be missed. Jupiter is now at its closest point to the Sun in 59 years.


There comes a time when Jupiter travels to the side of the Sun that is visible from Earth as it orbits the Sun. The biggest planet in the solar system will also be at its closest to Earth in 59 years on Monday in addition to reaching that position. It will pass within 59,06,29,248 kilometers of Earth in 107 years.

The planet won't get this near again until 2129, thus its planetary closeness is a must-see event.

The planet, which takes more than 11 years to circle the Sun once, is directly opposite the Sun right now, making it one of the brightest celestial objects as viewed from Earth.

With a -2.9 magnitude, Jupiter will look brilliant in the sky, making it seem considerably brighter and larger. The 53-moon planet will be visible in the nighttime sky. 

To see Jupiter, just look at the night sky and the brightest shining object, after the moon, will be Jupiter and if you have normal binoculars you can even see Jupiter in detail.