Parallel Worlds Exist And Will Soon Be Testable, Scientists Say

Is there a
copy of you reading this article at this precise moment in a parallel universe?

Dr. Brian Greene, writer of The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos has says that this freakish side of nature may exist; and
he debates its amazing prospects in this 3-minute TV interview

A rising number
of cosmologists agree with Greene that we are but one of many universes and
nonetheless one of these other worlds lies close to ours, maybe only a
Millimeter away. 

We cannot perceive this world, as it subsists in a type of
space different from the four dimensions of our normal realism. MIT’s Max
Tegmark trusts this multiverse model of ‘many universes’ is grounded in modern
physics and will ultimately be testable, predictive and disprovable.

“This is not
sci-fi,” he says, “its real science.”

As study at
the CERN Large Hadron Collider progresses, researchers are talking gradually of
a “new physics” on the horizon, which has potential to help scientists
comprehend more of the unknowns mysteries of our universe. 

This new methodology
includes increasing a better understanding of dark energy, a anonymous force
that some forward thinkers believe shows that a ‘sister’ universe lurks in our

Peculiar happenings have been witnessed by cosmologists such as
the Andromeda galaxy, 2.2m light-years away speeding to the Milky Way at 200k
mph. This occurrence makes sense reasonably if gravity leaking from an unseen
universe were drawing the two galaxies together.

at the WMAP space telescope just found a force 10,000 times greater than the
Milky Way's gravity, which they believe provides strong proof that a parallel
universe may be there. 

In another effort to search for parallel worlds, NASA
mounted the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 at the ISS to record data that may
show the presence of other universes, some of which might even be made of

Unraveling this cosmic secret has fascinated worldwide interest.
The project draws funding from most EU countries; plus Taiwan, China, Russia,
and the U.S.

Could we
ever visit other universe? In a new PBS interview, Riddles of the Universe, USC
cosmologist Clifford Johnson said, he believed it OK to discuss this in the
context of fiction (see FOX TV’s Fringe), but it’s also something that
researchers can discover. 

Some propose that the stuff we are made of – matter
and the forces of our gravity and magnetism – are the basics that stick us to
this universe. They do not allow us to leave our 4-dimensions of movement back
and forth, up and down, left to right; and intellect of time. 

An universe may
be close by, but in order for us to see or connect with it; we must first
comprehend its different dimensions. We might imagine them as “new kinds of

gravity appears to permeate all universes, and it may one day become probable
to connect with other universes through some revolutionary gravitational
manipulation. How might we feel if a parallel world is found near by?

says, “It may make me feel less unique as a person, or maybe grateful; because
many things I’ve not found time for are maybe being done by a copy of me
somewhere else!”

Greene adds
that some universes may be hard to differentiate from ours; others may comprise
variations of all of us, where we exist but with dissimilar families, careers,
and life stories. 

In still others, truth may be so drastically different from
ours as to be unrecognizable. Specialists forecast that as the coming decades
unwind, with intelligence progressing exponentially, this ‘over-the-top’ idea
will one day become a established fact. 

Picture visiting another Earth where
another you is living a more satisfying life than yours, and you could switch
places if you both agreed.

This begs
the question, “What might happen if our parallel personalities met; would we
combine our short comings to become better humans, or would we compete against
one another?”

When might
communicating to parallel universes be possible? With determination and good
luck, some experts forecast this unbelievable feat could be attained by as
early as 10 years; others less passionate, consider the technologies essential
for this to happen could fall into place over the next 50-to-100 years. Stay

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