NASA Reveals For The First Time The Most Breathtaking Images Ever Captured Of The Icy Dwarf Planet

Although Pluto is no longer regarded as a filled planet in our solar system, it still has a special place in it. 

The ninth planet from the sun was demoted and classed as a dwarf planet in 2006, yet this did not decrease the planet's long-standing curiosity among astronomers and scientists. 

The New Horizons mission's spectacular photographs and findings have placed us closer to the former planet than we've ever been. Below are  some of the most magnificent photographs of the frigid dwarf planet ever photographed.

While some may see this celestial creepy crawler as proof of extra-terrestrial life, NASA believes such hypothesis is unlikely.

According to NASA, experts believe Pluto's snail might simply be filthy water "icebergs" floating amid thicker solid nitrogen.

The strange object was found towards the middle of Sputnik Planum, just to the left of Pluto's heart.

[This article has been updated with new information and images]

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